Medication-Assisted Treatment

Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Specialist in Boulder, CO

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How can MAT help with addiction?

Medication-assisted treatment (MAT) can be a very positive treatment option to help those individuals with substance use disorders recover. Individuals who have an opioid or alcohol addiction can receive tremendous benefits from MAT. MAT combines behavioral therapy along with medications tailored to each patient’s individual needs. MAT is a patient-centric approach to treatment affording them customized care to best combat their addiction. MAT can be effective by blocking the rewarding sensations associated with some substances, minimizing cravings, and decreasing substance and alcohol misuse among patients toward the goal of total recovery.

The various behavioral therapies used harmoniously with FDA-approved pharmaceuticals offer a comprehensive treatment method for substance use disorders. The behavioral therapeutic components address and treat anxiety disorders and psychological issues while the medication assists with the management of physical symptoms of substance use such as cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

What can I expect from Medication-Assisted Treatment?

Patients beginning MAT should expect to meet with a psychiatrist and explain to them their concerns, symptoms, and goals. The mental health professional will work with the patient in order to determine the best treatment route in order to reach their goals. Each patient’s relationship and struggle with substance use disorder is unique and therefore, tailoring a custom treatment plan is imperative to success.

Patients should expect the treatment plan to include a combination of behavioral therapy and medication. MAT has been demonstrated to be a highly effective treatment
option and helps patients mitigate or eliminate their substance use it also significantly reduces the risk of relapse rather than an approach that uses just either medication or therapy.

What are the benefits of MAT?

MAT takes a comprehensive approach to treating patients with substance use disorders. The approach with the goal of total recovery manages the physical components of addiction with medication and the mental and emotional components with behavioral therapy.

Substance use disorder is a widespread problem among Americans. Individuals struggling with substance use disorder put their own physical and mental health at risk and can hurt those around them damaging personal and professional relationships.

With a primary goal of seeing the patient through to full recovery MAT also successfully increases patient survival rates, minimizes criminal activity pertaining to opioids, increases the rates of treatment retention, aids a patient with gaining and maintaining employment, and more.

MAT utilizes plans to address various components of the patient’s life including family issues, mental and physical health concerns, panic disorders, vocational problems, and legal concerns. MAT consists of support, monitoring, referrals, screening, and counseling to afford patients every pillar of support they require for success.

Who is a good candidate for MAT?

Any individual who is struggling with substance use disorder is a good candidate for MAT. Substance use disorder can vary in its level of severity and impact and control over an individual’s life, but even in cases where the effects currently seem mild, it can quickly get out of hand.

Patients who find themselves consuming a potentially harmful number of substances, experiencing routine cravings, experiencing withdrawal symptoms when removed from the substance, and no longer participating in activities they used to enjoy, may benefit from MAT.

Patients who are experiencing professional or personal problems as a result of their substance use or being aware of the negative consequences of their substance use and continuing may also benefit from seeking assistance through MAT. We recommend that healthcare and professional assistance be taken care of right away.

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